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Angry Birds Thank You Cards 8 Pack

Angry Birds Thank You Cards 8 Pack

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Independence Day inventory reduction sale. Take advantage of these extra special prices throughout our site while supplies last.

From the Angry Birds Party Supply Collection. Angry Birds Thank You Cards. Add some Angry Birds action to your party with these thank you cards from the #1 app! Features King Pig and Small Pig on the front of the thank you cards. King Pig's grand scheme is using his minions to capture three unhatched eggs from the Birds so that they may satisfy their hunger. While he does succeed on most occasions, the Birds are able to destroy his army and retrieve the eggs, while seriously injuring the King, even killing him in the first episode. Small Pig is the weakest species of pig in the games he appears in, as he can be defeated by a simple falling bird or block. Only a single Blue Bird without spliting can defeat an unguarded Small Pig. Small Pig is very, very common after his first apperence. 8 invitations are included in each package.

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