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Boop-Oop-A-Doop! has hundreds of fun and hysterical Betty Boop collectables.  We have Betty Boop merchandise for every room in your home including martini glasses and mugs, clocks, figurines, apparel, picture frames, water globes, and even Baby Boop apparel for the little ones.  Betty Boop collectibles from our site are great for you or as a gift to a Betty-loving friend.  We have so many Betty Boop collectables that you can create a unique and entertaining themed Betty Boop party!  Ordering from is easy; we even throw in Free Shipping for orders over $100, and we’ll ship your order the same day if it’s placed before 3pm Mountain Time!

Betty Boop Figurines and Musicals
Betty Boop Kitchen and Glassware
Betty Boop Decor, Clocks, Bags, Giftware and More
Betty Boop Water Globes

Since 1930, Betty Boop’s bedroom eyes, great figure, biting wit and admirable resourcefulness have dazzled viewers of all ages.  A girl with more heart than brain, Betty Boop has become a pop culture icon that still appears briefly in commercials and advertisements.  Much of the available Betty Boop merchandise is collected to commemorate this loveable character.

Fun Fact: Betty Boop was originally drawn as a French poodle with human qualities in the 1920s.  However, she was eventually finished as a woman in the early 1930s; her floppy poodle ears became big hoop earrings, her black nose became a woman’s button nose, and the fur gave way to, well, the well-endowed woman’s body that became her trademark.