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From the Call of the Wolf Collection. Tribal Spirit Figurine. Made of resin. The perfect addition to any Call of the Wolf collection, this figurine features handprints, zig zags and other classic tribal designs. Measures 6" high.The soulful call of the wolf lingers through the night, drifting on the air, streaking through the dar...
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Call of the Wolf

Call of the Wolf figurines are beautiful collector's items! Wolves have played a big part in legends and folklore. They were considered god-like in both Norse and Japanese mythology, while in Greek folklore they were associated with Apollo. In some Native American cultures they were even considered witches disguised as wolves. Decorate any space with these figures and feel the call of the wolf!

None of those myths stand true today, but wolves are often respected and revered by humans as well as other members of the animal kingdom. Now you can show your appreciation for this graceful animal with our Call of the Wolf collection from Intricate details make these figurines interesting to look at and perfect for decorating purposes. Choose from colorful wolves with themes like Night Hunter, Soaring Eagle, Spirit Howler, Night Guardian and more. Featuring designs inspired by Native American culture and tribal art, each wolf is unique. Order sets of Call of the Wolf figurines for a discount or purchase salt and pepper shakers, tealight holders and water globes to enhance your décor.