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Coots and Biddys Figurines

Coot [kt]
1. A crotchety or eccentric old man

Biddy [bd]
1. A hen
2. A garrulous old woman / hen

For all the Old Coots and Little Old Biddys out there, there are the hysterical Coots and Biddys collectibles. has a complete selection of Coots and Biddys figurines for anyone in your life about to take that big dive Over the Hill. Regardless of personality, there is a figurine for every coot or biddy out there: King of Remote Coots, Old Fartful Coots, Flash Dance Biddys, drinking Biddys and many, many more (some of which are quite saucy – perfect for the more scandalous coots and biddys). If you order your Coots and Biddys figurines before 3pm Mountain Time, we’ll ship the same day (for those of you who waited until the last minute to get your Over the Hill friend a birthday present)!

Coots Over the Hill Gifts
Biddys Over the Hill Gifts

There are enough Coots and Biddys figurines to represent the many personalities of any Over the Hill person with a sense of humor. Display your multiple facets by collecting each one that reminds you of yourself. Make sure the Over the Hill recipient is equipped with a Depends; Coots and Biddys figurines will surely lead to hearty laughing and / or incontinence.