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It all began with an awkward boy who was unable to fly a kite or kick a football. From one of the most successful and influential comic strips of our time, has Snoopy merchandise, Snoopy gifts, and other Peanuts collectibles. Click on one of the categories below to find hundreds of whimsical Peanuts and Snoopy merchandise including bedding, decorations, collectibles, apparel, figurines, water globes and much more. Whether buying for yourself or giving to a loved one, any Peanuts fan will cherish their Peanuts collectibles and Snoopy gifts for years to come. On October 2, 2010 the most popular comic strip of all time will celebrate its 60th birthday.

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Charles Schultz published his first Peanuts comic strip on October 2, 1950, and in the next 50 years would publish over 17,000 strips in more than 2500 newspapers to 75 countries.In its time, both Schultz and the comic itself won countless awards and spurred the creation of cartoons, plays, and a plethora of Snoopy merchandise and Peanuts collectibles (which, lucky for you, is available on!).