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Poultry In Motion

Find Poultry In Motion figurines as well as coordinating kitchenware, plates, mugs, plaques, lamps and more. Also see our collection of Rooster figurines.

Poultry In Motion Rainbow Sherbet
Poultry in Motion Bountiful Harvest
Poultry in Motion Pineapple Chicken
Poultry in Motion Bright and Sunny
Poultry in Motion Chicken Quesadilla
Poultry in Motion Chicken & Dumplings
Poultry in Motion Country Fried Chicken
Poultry in Motion Chicken Wings
Poultry in Motion Holly Days
Poultry in Motion Rocky Mountain
Poultry in Motion Chicken & Hibiscus
Poultry in Motion Princess Henrietta
Poultry In Motion Eggs Benedict
Poultry In Motion Petit Luxe Egg Cup
Poultry In Motion Whirl of Swirls Egg Cup
Poultry In Motion Spot-a-Dot Egg Cup
Poultry In Motion Spot-a-Dot Mug
Poultry In Motion Spot-a-Dot
Poultry In Motion Hot Wings Plate 10"
Decorate your own nest with Poultry in Motion! The brain behind this colorful collection of decorative chickens and roosters, Sharon Neuhaus is an American artist that uses her talent along with her humor to create ceramic sculptures painted with whimsy designs. She actually comes up with a clever title and then creates her art around that idea. Unique Poultry in Motion sculptures include salt and pepper shakers, canvas wall art, egg cups, cookie jars, appetizer bowls, mugs, canisters, mini decorative figurines and ornaments. With so many quirky designs, there's something for every personality. Eggs Benedict, Spicy Chicken, Orange Chicken, Western Omelet and Egg Salad are all fun food-themed ideas. For something on the art deco side, check out chickens with designs like Paisley, Spot-a-Dot, Rainbow Sherbet, Whirl of Swirls and Petit Luxe. Spice up your kitchen with Poultry in Motion a wonderful and simple way to add a splash of vibrant color and a sense of humor to your everyday dining experience.